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Excellence in investment management.

Conscious Capital Advisors is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor based in California offering investment management and other financial services. Joseph Lu, CFA® is the founder of this firm. Before establishing Conscious Capital, he worked as an investment professional at some of the largest institutional and private client money managers in Southern California. He has over a decade of experience working in the asset management industry.

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Why hire a CFA® Charterholder?


Without our word, nothing else matters.

This company's priority is to be of service and safeguard your assets, not sell a product. Conscious Capital receives no sales commissions from insurance or other financial products. We charge our clients an AUM or hourly fee for our services.

Conscious Capital Advisors claims compliance with the CFA® Asset Manager Code, a code of conduct set forth by the CFA® Institute for investment managers. This claim has not been verified by the CFA® Institute.

Joseph Lu, CFA


Changing the perception on capitalism.

Many Americans feel like capitalism is broken because most enterprises operate with a shareholder primacy mindset, where the profit of company owners is above others. We believe that more sustainable corporate earnings are generated when relationships between owners, employees, and customers are balanced.

As allocators of financial capital, we stay grounded in the original purpose of our profession; to protect the assets of people, and to connect those with capital to those with ideas and energy.

Watch Professor Jonathan Haidt of NYU explain: